GroWild is Chosen to Contract Grow Wildflowers


GroWild, Inc., an all native plant nursery, design and build firm, is located in Fairview, TN just 20 minutes west of Cheekwood  Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.  When The Garden Club of Nashville and Cheekwood partnered to rebuild and restore the Howe Garden, it was a natural fit for GroWild to receive a contract to grow most of the wildflowers, perennials and ferns for this extensive project.   With an estimated delivery date of March 1, 2012, we began propagating and acquiring plant material in July 2011.  The wildflowers (approx. 8958 in total) were requested to be grown in 3.5” containers while the ferns (2651 in total) were to be in 1 quart pots.  With this in mind, it was agreed that some ferns would be suitable for bare root plantings allowing a larger 1 gallon root system for the same price or in some cases a less expensive price allowing for a bigger bang for their buck.  This also proved to be a good choice for some wildflowers such as Trillium (which take seven years from seed to bloom), Jack in the Pulpit, Bloodroot, and Bleeding Heart.  
The list of plants grown by GroWild is as follows:
Wildflowers and Perennials:
Aquilegia Canadensis ‘Little Lanterns’ – Dwarf Columbine
Aruncus dioicus – Goatsbeard
Arasaema triphyllum – Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Arum italicum – Italian Arum (non-native)
Asarum canadense – Wild Ginger
Dodecatheon media – Shooting Star
Dicentra eximia – Bleeding Heart
Epimediums x versicolor sulphurem – Bishops Hat Epimedium (non-native)
Contadina verticillata – Cumberland Rosemary
Echinacea tennesseensis – Tennessee coneflower
Erythronium americanum – Trout Lily
Eurybia (Aster) divaricate ‘Eastern Star’ – White Wood Aster
Geranium maculatum – Wild Geranium
Hexastylis shuttleworthii – Shuttleworth’s Ginger
Hexastylis arifolia – Little Brown Jug

Heuchera macrorhiza ‘Autumn Bride’
Heuchera villosa ‘Carmel’
Heuchera villosa ‘Georgia Peach’
Heuchera vilosa ‘Frosted Violet’
Hydrastis canadensis – Goldenseal
Iris cristata ‘Tennessee White’ – White Dwarf Crested Iris
Iris versicolor – Blue Flag Iris
Jeffersonia diphylla – Twinleaf
Lillium superbum – Turks Cap Lily
Lobelia cardinalis – Cardinal Flower
Mertensia virginica – Virginia Bluebell
Pachysandra procumbens – Alleghany Pachysandra
Phlox divericata – Wild Blue Phlox
Phlox stolonifera – Creeping Phlox
Podophyllum peltatum – Mayapple
Sanguinaria canadensis – Bloodroot
Solidago sphacelata ‘Golden Fleece’ – False Goldenrod
Silene virginica – Firepink
Smilacina racemosa – False Soloman’s Seal
Spigelia marilandica – Indian Pink
Symphyotrichum (Aster) cordifolium – Blue Wood Aster
Stylophorum dipyllum – Wood (Celadine) Poppy
Tiarella cordifolia – Foamflower
Trillium luteum – Yellow Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum – Showy Wakerobin

Vernonia lettermannii ‘Iron Butterfly’ – Ironweed

Adiatum pedatum – Maidenhair Fern
Polystichum acrostichoides – Christmas Fern
Osmunda cinnamonea – Cinnamon Fern
Dennstaedtia punctilobula – Hay Scented fern
Dryopteris goldiana – Goldies Wood Fern
Dryopteris erythrosora – Autumn Fern (non-native)
Athyrium felix femina – Lady Fern
Dryopteris ludoviciana – Southern Shield Fern

The transformation of the Howe Wildflower Garden is a major undertaking for both Cheekwood and the Garden Club.  We at GroWild are honored to be a part of history and look forward to seeing this process as it matures thru the years.

Terri Barnes
7190 Hill Hughes Rd.       
Fairview, TN  37062