The Garden Club of Nashville wins Special Recognition from The Garden Club of America


Special Recognition in The Freeman Medal category for the Torreya taxifolia (Sticking cedar, Gopherwood) Torreya taxifolia is a stately evergreen tree that gains its unusual common name from the pungent odor it produces when any leaves or cones of the tree are bruised. Torreya was one of the first species to be listed on the Federal Endangered Species list due to a catastrophic population decline in the 1950’s following a widespread fungal infestation. The Nashville Garden Club, a member club of the Garden Club of America, and the Howe Garden at Cheekwood, have undertaken a restoration project of the tree through sexual and asexual reproduction. It grows in USDA Zones 6-9.

The Freeman Medal is the only award given by the Garden Club of America to a plant. Beginning in 1995, the award has been given to a choice native plant which is under-utilized but which possess superior ornamental and ecological attributes. The goal of the award is to encourage distribution of these plants furthering their use in the landscape. The Medal honors Montine McDaniel Freeman, a member of the New Orleans Town Gardeners and was given in her memory by her son and daughter-in-law, Louis and Judy Freeman.